How is My Skin Like Creme Brulee?

In the skincare world, our focus is often on picking great skin care products that treat our skin from the outside of our body in.  We try the latest moisturizers, anti-aging creams and treatment serums hoping to create change. What we don’t realize is our skin is truly an expression of what is happening on the inside of our bodies also.

Internally, how our body processes blood sugar dramatically affects our skin. If blood sugar is processed poorly “glycation” will occur. Glycation is a caramelizing or hardening of the skin that occurs when collagen becomes sugar coated and heated. This is the same process that happens withthat hardened sugary coating that sits on top of your Crème Brulee. And while this desert is great at dinner, this is not a process we want to have happening in our skin. Dr. Harper can determine in her medical practice if your skin is prone to glycation. She can then create a personalized skin care program to be created just for you to protect you if you are at risk. Bye, bye glycation, and hello beautiful skin!

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