Is the Key to Aging Skin in Your Genes?

The dream of retaining your youthful look well into old age is now a step closer—thanks to scientists who have identified the key genes involved in skin aging. Using data generated by the Human Genome Project—the

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Why You Should Care About Collagen at Any Age

The consequences of collagen loss is an important consideration for all ages. Why? Because collagen is the principal structural protein that keeps your skin healthy and strong, and collagen production starts slowing down at a very early age.

All through life your body produces collagen and breaks it down as part

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Breast Cancer Awareness—Beating the Odds

The breast cancer odds are high with about 1 in 8 women developing an invasive form of the disease sometime in her life. We don’t know exactly what causes breast cancer, but we do know about several associated

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Fight Brain Aging with B12

Boosting your daily intake of Vitamin B12 may keep your brain big and help avert brain atrophy associated with aging. Recent scientific studies have shown individuals who had higher Vitamin B12 levels were six times less likely to experience loss of brain volume. The brain atrophy was also greater among

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Are Women or Men at a Greater Risk of Melanoma?

Did you know that until age 39, women are almost twice as likely to develop melanoma as men? But after 40 that changes as the incidence of melanoma grows greater in men.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer

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