The Marrying of Science and Beauty: PRP Therapy for a More Youthful You

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP for short) is an incredible new beauty breakthrough that blends the best of science with theworld of beauty. PRP has been used for years in the non-aesthetic medical world to treat burn victims and to help heal orthopedic injuries. Now, it is being used in the beauty world to create a fresher, younger, more beautiful you!

This safe, innovative technique uses platelet-rich injections to add volume to the skin and to correct wrinkles, folds, scars, and stretch marks. It can be used on any part of the body! It is an in office procedurethat starts by having Dr. Harper draw your blood. The blood is centrifuged in a special medium that concentrates nourishing, healing and rejuvenative factors that come from your platelets. During the same office setting, these rejuvenative factors are put into your skin with a series of small injections with just a light topical anesthesia. It is performed in a series of three treatment spaced weeks apart and the results are phenomenal.

Dr. Harper was selected as one of the first aesthetic physicians to introduce PRP therapy into her aesthetics practice here in Texas. The restorative results PRP has provided on a variety of areas of the face, neck, décolleté, and body (hands and stomach) are extraordinary. Clients report a significant decrease in deep and fine wrinkling, an improvement in texture, tone, volume and a decrease in red and brown pigment. Patients look rejuvenated, more youthful and find this new treatment a vital part of their beauty plan!

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