What Do Beautiful Skin and Weight Loss Have in Common? Dr Ruthie Harper Shares the Connection!

Very simply, a nutrient called resveratrol!

A recent study out of Maastricht University Medical Center found that resveratrol can help with weight loss as well as decrease blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The findings appear in Cell Metabolism.

The study examined 11 obese men over 30 days who were otherwise healthy.  Some study recipients received placebo while others took 150 mg of resveratrol. There was no change in their diet or exercise.

After several weeks, these men experienced the kind of increase in metabolism that research has shown is only possible from severely restricting calories or serious endurance training.  Systolic blood pressure and blood sugar levels also dropped on resveratrol.

According to the researchers, “We demonstrated beneficial effects of resveratrol supplementation for 30 days on the metabolic profile in healthy obese males, which seems to reflect effects observed during calorie restriction.”2 As an added bonus, not one adverse effect was reported.

Resveratrol is the same powerful nutrient in SKINSHIFT® Sun Defense! Resveratrol was chosen for this powerful formulation because its help’s the body protect against deterioration and photo-aging which occurs from UV exposure. SKINSHIFT® Sun Defense provides an extra punch by using the most potent form of resveratrol- called trans-resveratrol- for added benefits. Helping the body protect against the effects of sun exposure leads to a more youthful appearance without the unsightly pigment changes and wrinkling that come with sun exposure. Sun Defense is an essential part of a healthy skincare regimen and provides nutrients which support the bodies natural ability to protect against UV damage and repair sun-damaged skin.

So take your Sun Defense by SKINSHIFT and watch your skin and waistline benefit! And. if you need a little more information about how to lose weight quickly and effectively, call or email us about our medical weight loss program. It will help you reach your ideal weight and stay there!


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