Why You Should Care About Collagen at Any Age

The consequences of collagen loss is an important consideration for all ages. Why? Because collagen is the principal structural protein that keeps your skin healthy and strong, and collagen production starts slowing down at a very early age.

All through life your body produces collagen and breaks it down as part of its natural turnover process. When you’re young, your body makes more collagen than it loses. But as you age, your body loses more collagen than it produces, leading to a decline in the health and appearance of your skin. Studies estimate that women lose an average of 7 percent skin thickness every 10 years starting as young as 18.

Your genes predict how well your skin will age, and in terms of collagen production, your genes can tell us if you are prone to collagen breakdown and premature development of wrinkles, sagging skin, poor wound healing and other signs of aging.

Even though you can’t change your genes, you can change how they affect the look and feel of your skin by using genetically designed skincare. At SKINSHIFT, we use a revolutionary DNA analysis to identify your skin’s genetic weaknesses—including risk of early collagen breakdown.

If your individual test results show a genetic predisposition for collagen breakdown, we can customize your skincare regimen to include ingredients that stimulate collagen production and balance the natural turnover process to prevent accelerated loss.

Keep your skin healthy and youthful-looking at every age with our collagen-boosting products. SKINSHIFT Collagen Defense contains the most active form of silica to stimulate collagen production. SKINSHIFT Vitamin C Serum contains a super-charged Co-Q10 for maximum collagen formation, while SKINSHIFT Wrinkle Treatment contains powerful peptides that stimulate collagen production and your skin’s natural ability to repair.

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