Your Essential Skin Care Products: Lip Balm Beauty Tips

There are multiple reasons why using lip balm is important for you and your personalized skin care program.

Today, Dr. Ruthie Harper lists the 5 top reasons why lip balm is an essential skin care product in your beauty regimen!

1. Lip balms moisturize and protect the lips for comfort and beauty. A nice balm for your lips is like facial moisturizer for your skin or lotion for your body.

2. Lip balms prevent drying, cracking and chapping which are both unsightly and uncomfortable and can lead to infection and/or cold sores. They are a wrinkle treatment for your lips!

3. Lip balms now contain ingredients that prevent aging such as peptides, antioxidants, collagen and elastin stimulators, they are like a treatment serum for your lips.

4. Lip balms can add SPF which protects against sun damage leading to unsightly pigmentation of the lips, and worse yet skin cancers.

5. Lip balms can add sparkle, shine, color, and sometimes even flavor to the lips while they protect ..they are fun!

SKINSHIFT by Dr. Ruthie Harper has a specially formulated lip balm that has superb moisturizing properties as well as peptides that provide anti-aging, plumping and firming effects.

It adds shine and glamour, and is available exclusively through our office 512 343 9355.

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